Taste Control Diabetes

Monthly Dietary Plans

For the first time in Greece
a new service that all diabetics need.

And not only this..

The Diet structured for diabetic individuals is ideal for everyone

for overweight/ obese individuals
who wish to regulate their body weight within normal ranges
or to improve their eating habits

We prepare for you specially designed
and clinically tested meals
as an affordable, healthy and delicious solution

Taste Control Diabetes Company prepares and provides ready-to-eat meals in the terms of a healthy dietary plan, which are individualized according to your needs and delivered daily to your house.
The service addresses mainly to individuals with Diabetes Mellitus, individuals in prediabetic stage, women in Pregnancy with Diabetes Mellitus who wish to lose weight and/or to control their blood sugar levels.
Moreover, they are ideal for healthy Individuals who wish to achieve a healthy body weight or adopt healthy eating habits.

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Harokopio University

The clinical trial showed that our meals elicit significantly lower glycemic responses in 24 diabetic patients.