Give yourself the chance to enjoy
the benefits of Taste Control's healthy and delicious diet.

The Dietary Plans are characterised by

  • Frequent Meals

  • Measure, Balance and Variety of food choices

  • Low Caloric content Meals

  • Uptake of all essential nutrients

  • Based on the use of food equivalents

Some of our Meals

For us every client is unique! Always respecting your dietary needs and personal desires, but mainly being driven by your doctor's instructions, we can shape the appropriate Programme/Menu that is personalized for you. In Taste Control we match with a unique way your "must" with your desires.

Wholemeal spaghetti with tuna sauce by Taste Control

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Salmon with steamed vegetables by Taste Control

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Moussaka with vegetables by Taste Control

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Meatballs, made from minced meat chicken, with salad by Taste Control

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Green Beans with Oil by Taste Control

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20151107-IMG_1986 (1) Taste Control Diabetes 2

Mussel Risotto Taste Control

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fwto milopitas

Apple Pie Taste Control

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fwto xortopitas

Handmade Pie with Herbs by Taste Control

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The Diet structured for diabetic individuals is ideal for everyone

The diet structured for a diabetic patient is ideal for individuals who wish to lose weight or regulate their body weight within normal ranges. 

Taste Control Diabetes' Dietary Plans are individualized for each client according to his/hers needs and they include:
• 5 different caloric levels in order for you to choose the one that meets optimally your needs and preferences. Our aim is to customize the meals and the diet plans according to the individualized needs and characteristics of our clients, and in this framework Taste Control Diabetes Company gives you dietary guidance and consulting regarding the most suitable caloric level for you. The caloric levels range from 1200 to 2500 calories/ day.
• 3 different carbohydrate levels for you to choose the one that meets optimally your needs, taking into account the antidiabetic treatment that you follow. To be more specific, each caloric level includes 3 different carbohydrate levels so as to cover 45%, 50% or 55% of your daily caloric intake. Moreover, the amount of carbohydrates that each meal contains has been counted and it is provided as additional information in order to adjust properly your antidiabetic treatment when necessary.
Our meals are specially designed, made from high quality raw materials, are rich in dietary fibers and have a low glycemic index. Additionally, they are rich in vitamins and minerals, providing a significant amount of valuable nutrients as part of a balanced diet, yet maintaing their ultimate taste

Some of our packages