1What kind of services does Taste Control Diabetes Company provides?
Taste Control Diabetes Company offers a new, innovative service, implemented for the first time in Greece, in order to provide prepared meals in the terms of a healthy daily dietary plan that all diabetic patients need. The nutritional balanced meals, which are individualized according to your needs, are delivered daily to your house. Its objective is to prepare and provide specially designed meals to the following sub groups
- Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus
- Individuals in prediabetic stage who wish to lose weight and/or to control their blood sugar levels
- Women in Pregnancy with Diabetes Mellitus
- Healthy Individuals who wish to achieve a healthy body weight or adopt healthy eating habits
2What does the term "specially designed meals' include?
Taste Control Diabetes Company has developed a variety of meals that are incorporated optimally in dietary plans, aimed at the regulation and maintenance of a healthy body weight and better glycemic control. Those meals are clinically tested and scientifically proven to contribute to the proper management of blood sugar levels of diabetic people, as components of a balanced diet based on international recommendations and principles of healthy eating. The final configuration of both the ready-to-eat meals and the daily diets were the result of the study, held in the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition in Harokopio University.
3What is the composition of those meals?
The meals that Taste Control Diabetes Company provides are nutritionally balanced and are based on Greek cuisine and eating habits, with the use of the most high quality raw materials. They include a variety of traditional Greek dishes but also flavors from international cuisines, addressing to all tastes and according to the nutritional needs of diabetics and the principles of healthy eating. As far as their nutritional value is concerned, they have low glycemic index and are rich in dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals.
4What is the unique selling point that Taste Control Diabetes Company has compared to other services that provide prepared meals and / or diets?
Taste Control Diabetes company is an innovative service that arose from the need to develop and supply ready meals and diets that are entirely oriented to the dietary needs of diabetic people as well as subpopulations with blood sugar levels adjustment disorders. Its comparative advantage is the clinical trial that certified the effectiveness of these meals in improving blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. Therefore, Taste Control Diabetes is the first company in this sector that conducted a clinical study under the auspices of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in Harokopio University, so as to contribute to the improvement of quality of life and dietary habits of diabetic patients.
5What do Taste Control Diabetes service packages include?
The Taste Control Diabetes service packages include specially designed meals that are integrated in daily nutritional plans. Its objective is to structure individualized dietary plans based on your the needs and characteristics, and to this end you come in contact with a well trained dietitian, which is a member of our team in order to guide you and choose the most appropriate service package for you. These dietary plans have been developed in collaboration with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in Harokopio University and include 5 different caloric levels, each of which is divided into 3 different levels of carbohydrates so as to select the one that meets ideally your needs. Lastly, there is available information on the amount of carbohydrates grams that each meal contains, in order to adjust properly your antidiabetic treatment.
6What procedure do I have to follow in order to buy a Taste Control Diabetes service package?
In order to indicate your interest in having a Taste Control Diabetes service pagkage or ask for additional information, just call us on the following telephone number: +30 2102448707. Alternatively, you can contact us via e-mail at: info @, detailing the purpose of your communication with the company.
7Once I start my dietary program, will I have the opportunity for nutritional support/ counseling?
Once you start your dietary program, you will always have at your disposal a personal dietician of the Taste Control Diabetes Dietician’s team, which will be fully aware of your own dietary program, your health condition and your needs so as to answer any of your questions. The contact hours, when you can call us, are 9:00 to 16:00 daily.
8I am allergic / have intolerance to have certain types of food. Is there a possibility to replace it with another meal or food?
Before you take any of the Taste Control Diabetes service packages, you will be fully informed by a dietitian of our team about the meals that are incorporated in your dietary plan and you will discuss with her all the choices and issues regarding your diet. Furthermore, it is possible to change or replace a meal or a specific food, in case you don’t like it or have intolerance to it, as long as you inform us, about this, one week before the desirable change.
9What other details do I need to know regarding my service package and food?
The distribution of the food that your service package includes is carried out from 8:00 am to 13:00 pm, in the address that you have submitted. In case that you want to you change the address in which the food is normally delivered, it is important that you inform the company a week ago. Concerning the delivery of your food, it is transported directly from our company to you with no extra charge for the areas within Attica and by our own staff.
10When and how do I pay?
The repayment of the service package that you bought should be done one week to three days before the beginning of the dietary program and the delivery of the food. The six months and the annual programs have discounts, which is a discount of 5% and 10% respectively. The repayment of your service package could be done by credit card or e-banking to our bank account.
11Are Taste Control Diabetes service packages affordable depending on my financial status?
The meals and service packages that Taste Control Diabetes provides are a tasty and affordable solution to the dietary problems of diabetic patients, as it can be adjusted to the financial conditions of each customer, according to his/hers needs and goals.
To be more specific, you can choose between the full service package, in which all meals are provided (as described in the dietary plan) and the simple service package, in which only the two main meals are delivered, with the corresponding financial burden in each case.
12I forgot to inform you about a change concerning my food. What opportunity do I have?
In case that you forget to inform us about a change in your food, it may be difficult to implement this desirable change in the same day, yet not impossible. In this case, you contact us to discuss the potential changes that the kitchen would be able to prepare for you, provided that the distribution of the food would be within the set times.
13I want to leave for two or three days. What happens in this case with my program?
In this case, we should be informed about your absence approximately one week before, and we will send you a confirmation e-mail that we are aware of this fact in order to modulate the delivery of the food according to your new schedule. For example, if you leave on Friday, you will receive your package one day before, together with the package of this day.