About us

Kuriaki Stenioti - President of Taste Control Diabetes Company

The foundation of the company came as a result of the knowledge I gained through my own experience. Ιn 2007, my mother’s death together with the great psychological pressure I experienced, were two determinants that contributed to the onset of diabetes mellitus, as the doctor explained me and therefore prescribed for me suitable medication.

However, I decided to adopt a healthy dietary pattern which eventually proved to be very effective and had spectacular results, instead of taking hypoglycaemic agents. To be honest, I never expected that the compliance with a healthy dietary plan would be enough to stabilize my blood glucose levels and restore glycosylated hemoglobin at normal levels, yet it happened and rewarded me with great satisfaction.

At the same time, I had to manage successfully all the roles of my life, being simultaneously a mother, wife and a professional cooker. Therefore, I cooked every day two different types of food, one for my family and the other for me, preparing meals that were suitable and beneficial for my health, something really demanding as it required both time and money. Nevertheless, we enjoyed eating together as a family, and as the years went by, my life experience from the nine years being a diabetic patient, taught me that continuous effort, patience and faith can bring the best possible results.

Being a chef for more than 30 years in the Sunday’s Gastronomy Catering Company, I love passionately the art of cooking and I strongly believe in the beneficial impact that healthy food and my recipes do have on the health and the quality of life of diabetic people.  Having these values as priorities, I succeeded!

My recipes and their clinical value in the health of diabetic patients were the subject of a study that was held in the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition in Harokopio University with excellent and rewarding results. Under the guidance of the highly qualified university’s scientific team and with the collaboration of physicians and our valuable volunteers, our research began in 2013 and was successfully completed in 2015.

It is said that only if you suffer from a disease or a bad situation, can you thoroughly realize the requirements, special needs, the shortcomingsand the smalleror bigger battles that accompany the specific conditions and theprotagonists.

So this thought and my vision was the match that triggered the foundation of Taste Control Diabetes Company. At the same time, it is the selection of many people who trust us daily to deliver our special prepared meals at them economically and responsibly.

Thank you,

Kuriaki Stenioti

Vasilis Steniotis - Vice President of Taste Control Diabetes Company 

In December 2014, when I saw the results of the clinical trial that was conducted in Harokopio University, we felt very pleased as they confirmed that the envisaged meals can be integrated as very effective and palatable solutions in the diet of a diabetic patient in terms of a healthy lifestyle. My priority is to constantly improve the quality of our services and to this end we will  implement more clinical research in order to enrich our knowledge towards the dietary requirements of diabetic patients.

Therefore, it was for us a personal challenge, that we manage to win.

Eleni Stenioti – Project Manager of Taste Control Diabetes Company

For me, it was more a result of a spontaneous thought that I had.

In the beginning, each one of us took over his key roles. To be more specific, my brother approached the appropriate partners for us, whose experience proved to be very useful and effective. Meanwhile, I was responsible for recruiting and organising the marketing strategy, which I consider them to be key areas for the company's development. Moreover, decisive role played my father’s constant support and advice, as I will not forget his words "always have strength, patience and composure and everything will go as planned." Finally, all the above became a reality because of my mother's expertise and unique recipes.

Our Principles

  • Excellent Quality of Raw Materials

  • Well- Organized

  • Excellent service

  • Consistency – Professionalism

  • Respect and Appreciation to the customer